Sleigbells / Horsehair plumes

Do you own a beautifull Sleigh yourself , but still looking for a complete set of sleigh bells ?
Or are you searching for someone who can restore your special antique harness with sleighbells?

We can advise you which bells you need, but we can also restore your valuable item.

We are famous for our collection antique sleighbelles, paradebells and horsehair plumes.
we sell all those items, but we also restore them. We have a great number of spare antique parts and bells. We repair the broken ones and we still create new ones. Every harness with bells will be different from another. They are all unique! Some will have 20 sleighbells, but you can also find them with 50 or more!

Siverplated bells , brass bells, real silver, nickel,
but also the harness itself, beautifull rich decorated, or just plane,

The leather, only black or mulitcolour, cut in a beautifull floral design, or just with geometric lines.
dark warm red, or the stylish golden look, Royal blue, or forest green.



We can offer you a great selection , but be aware, it always changes. !
Today we can offer you a fantastic leather and red velvet harness with 40 brass sleighbells, but it can be sold in a second.
All our items are real, are antiques,

Do you need horsehair plumes in red , yellow, blue or any other colour? we will realize your wish !


Sometimes we can even offer you the very very rare shellharnesses,
These harnesses which have been decorated with small and tiny Kaurishells, date from the years 1730 – 1760
Once, these shells were just as valuable as gold, brought home by the sailors who discovered new countries far far away.
Very old , telling stories from long ago.
beautifull to see. but hard to find.


If you see anything which interest you , feel free to ask or mail.