The horse drawn sleigh

For every Sleigh , for every question, we hope we will have the correct answer. During all those years we were building and restoring Sleighs, we have seen all kinds of problems. We have seen great designs, but also the small common Sleighs. We have also been allowed to restore the most beautiful Sleighs we had ever seen. And therefore , we have the knowledge and the craftsmanship to give your old Sleigh a brilliant glorious second life, or ….. built that special new one !

All designs have their own problems and their very own special effects, and only thanks to our great experience, we can give your Sleigh that special attention she needs. We can built it the way you want, but we always try to stay within the classical lines.



There is also the possibility to built a Sleigh, which will be part of your Sjees . Then you can go riding your Sjees during the summer, and by wintertime you will only have to take off the seat of the Sjees and put it on the Sleigh and there it is,…… your very special Sleigh.


Every detail of this Sleigh will be created in the same style as your Sjees, so it will really be a couple for eternity. This type of Sleigh was in the years 1750 - 1870 only for the very rich. Only they could afford it.
Today we can realize this fantastic combination for you !


For any Horse jewelry , like antique Sleigh bells , horse hair plumes, etc , you will find them in our shop.