Oil paintings

In our studio , we restore all kinds of panels from Sjezen , Carriages and Sleighs.Also new paintings are being created. When finished , they all give the idea of masterpieces of thepast.We have collected various old fashioned materials and by using these, the painting will slowly grow to a wonderful result.

On the Sjees you can choose for the 4 seasons, but also different pictures can be painted.Besides a beautiful Carriage or Sleigh, you will also own a great painting.

Fact : your Carriage or Sleigh will increase in value right away.

Only a combination of experience, the right materials and great skills, will bring the highest quality.


For Sleighs as well as Sjezen, it was tradition that the more valuable items were richly decorated.
Not only in woodcarving or design, but specially in painting the wooden panels.
So we can find the most colourfull examples, and it dates from early 1700 till now.


The oilpaintings can show exotic birds, guirlandes, landscapes but also animals , people, common situations, which all open a window to the past.
All those images, all those decorations can be translated to your new built sleigh or carriage.


We can even give your new painting that old fashioned look. 50 years ago ? 100 years ago?
And don, t forget, all your valuable antique paintings can be restored when needed.