Newly built sjezen carriages and sleighs

During all those years we have been working , we can say our restoration will take about 50%. The other 50% are the newly built Sjezen, Sleighs and classical Carriages.

We are always trying to achieve the highest level in design, style , crafts and in the end, finishing the object. Only because we ask 200 % from materials and our own skills , this can result in a lifetime guarantee on our construction. Together with your own ideas, we will choose the design of your Sleigh or Sjees.



Due to the fact that your own ideas will be realized in this object, it will become a very special Carriage or Sleigh and most of the times , it becomes a real part of your family possessions. If you would like to get pictures of all the work what has been done to your Sleigh or Sjees, we will be glad to realize this.


All the newly built Sjezen and Sleighs, will be registered.