Frisian sjees

A classical beautiful curved carriage on two wheels, which has been adored through ages, just for  it,s  unbelievable beauty. The tender body, the almost female shape,  the power of  ancient design,  and all in combination with that amazing black Frisian horse.

The Sjees is a unique carriage, and the  real  antiques  of great quality  are  very rare.
We still built them,  we   still restore them ….  And some times we also have a great antique Sjees for sale.


We use every old technique in woodcarving , painting, gold leaf , polishing,etc  to built  or restore the ultimate  object. Every Sjees has to be unique,   never two of a kind.

The past has already shown us that  the Frisian Sjees  can not be compared with any other carriage.

And for the Frisian horse,  there is only one……..
The Frisian Sjees !!